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Our History

SIMG was established in 2005 as a registered investment advisor after joining Stephens in 2004. Prior to establishing SIMG, the investment management team was at AIM Investments (now INVESCO) and responsible for the AIM Small Cap Growth Fund as well as other small and mid-cap growth investment products. A number of our investment professionals have experience managing small and mid-cap securities since 1995 and have experienced success through many different market environments.

The four original senior members have not experienced any turnover since our inception. The five portfolio managers on the investment team are beneficiaries of an incentive plan and owners of phantom shares, which entitle them to receive a percentage of the net profits of SIMG, in addition to having a considerable portion of their personal savings invested in our strategies. We believe in investing alongside our clients.

Portfolio management, research and analysis, trading, marketing and client services are located in Houston, Texas. Legal, Compliance, Administration and marketing support are located in Little Rock, Arkansas.

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