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Stephens Small-Mid Cap Core Growth Strategy

Stephens Small-Mid Cap Core Growth Strategy

Stephens Investment Management Group, LLC is the investment adviser to the Stephens Small-Mid Cap Core Growth Strategy. This diversified strategy seeks long term growth of capital by investing primarily in small and mid-cap core growth companies.

We select growth companies that are established growth companies that have achieved above average growth. Typically such companies have achieved this by having a defensible business model, quality management team and/or unique product opportunity in a large market.

In addition, both small and mid-cap stocks can be a complement to an overall portfolio, offering strong diversification benefits while reducing capitalization concentration risk and offering the potential to maximize long-term returns. Of course, investing in small or mid-cap companies involves greater risk than investing in more established companies, and the prices of small or mid company stocks may be more volatile than those of larger company stocks.

We feel our experience in small cap issues gives us the knowledge and expertise in mid cap companies. Since the majority of mid cap companies were once small cap, we have the advantage of having closely followed many of these companies since their early stages of growth.

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